DOKI DOKI commits to FC Rocquancourt

by FC Rocquancourt

The FCR is proud to announce its partnership with the social media agency DOKI DOKI.

The agency will follow the club in its communication and will also be main sponsor of the “Home” jersey.

DOKI DOKI, what is it?

It is a communications agency specializing in social networks that has existed for more than 5 years, based in Caen. Social media strategy, community management, content creation and advertising, the agency supports its clients in their brand image enhancement project and their presence on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and TikTok.

Axel Chauvierre, founder of DOKI DOKI:

"The agency's desire is to bring its know-how to the FCR club. We want to create a strong identity. The idea is to unite a community around the Rocquancourt club. The level and results are, for us, (the agency), secondary. The long-term vision is to become the most "beautiful" club in the region. Whether the club is in D4 is of no importance, it is even an opportunity. Our ambition is to promote amateur football with our eye and our vision.

What makes a club successful are the people who participate and get involved. It's not just the players and the coach: it's all the volunteers, parents, friends, friends, children, who come to encourage theirs every Sunday. We want to translate this in our own way by promoting amateur football.

The club and DOKI DOKI have a common desire to highlight partners. We therefore develop content in conjunction with the FCR's partners, to show them, promote them and ensure that they are involved in their donation. Gone are the days of a simple donation with no exchange other than a jersey sponsor. We firmly believe that the health of a club depends on a virtuous ecosystem at all levels.

That of sharing with financial partners is one of them. Thank you to the club for trusting us and giving us carte blanche to realize and put our ideas into practice. I am delighted to join this family which has great years ahead of it.”